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ThinkpadVeteran ThinkpadVeteran

Be careful of fake positive reviews for the W540. Broken English and/or minimal actual review rating explanations are a dead giveaway! This computer is such a piece of crap Lenovo is actually removing negative reviews of the computer from their own website!!!!!!! That's how you know it's bad....

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jxf jxf

Overall, the W540 is a solid, powerful laptop that unfortunately has a few huge, glaring flaws. Not recommended for power users or software developers. Major successes: * Everything works in Ubuntu 13.10 out of the box, flawlessly. Great work! * Fast, powerful, great graphics performance. I...

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entropy69 entropy69

My previous thinkpad was a W701 with 17" WUXGA (1920x1200). Lenovo dropped the W7x line and I needed a replacement. Compared to the W701 this machine is: + much more compact (both machine and power adapter) + better battery life + color calibration works great + better form factor, now you...

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peregrin peregrin

Thinkpads used to be the best machines that professionals could buy for reasonable amounts of money, unless you were looking for the Apple side of things. This machine is still good, and it might still be among the top of its field, but it, along with its Thinkpad kinsmen, no longer stands out....

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kalipot kalipot

Reviews of Thinkpad W540 are up to now pre-dominantly negative, which made me hesitate for buying it. After I actually bought it, I was first frustrated as well, but later on my opinions improved. My comments are: Most people complain about the inclusion of Num pad . I find it actually quite...

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ghostt ghostt

Definitely W540 is a powerful machine, 4th gen Intel Core i7 good Nvidia GPU with Optimus and up to 32GB or ram is all You need to do serious work. Best mobility for this kind of machine and very good battery life is another advantage. Stunning Full HD and 3K displays are perfect for multitasking...

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Parfumeur Parfumeur

Today on shutting down the W540, I get the Windows blue shut down screen with the comment: "Operations are in progress, pleases wait. The machine will be turned off automatically after the operations are complete." OK, so I waited 20+ minutes.... Mouse logo spinning, but no idea what i/o's are...

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steve4 steve4

I dont know why I have seen negative reviews for this laptop. Ive seen people complaining about the touchpad, personally, I like the touchpad, sure it's not as good as the macbook pro trackpads but it's very sensitive for light touch clicking and is desgined to be pretty functional as you can...

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mf2 mf2

Upgraded from a T400, some thoughts: Was hit by famous BIOS bug (Intel Rapid Start) - first time they swapped the mainboard on-site, the second time i had to send it to a service center, which took about two months(!) Keyboard layout is okay for me, although you get it dirty with fingerprints...

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BrainofJT BrainofJT

I recommend buying the laptop from the official Lenovo website, not Amazon. You'll save hundreds of dollars by doing so, especially if you use this Lenovo promotion link here: Overall, this thing is not perfect, but unless you are a hard-core gamer or software developer it...

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sugarsmoking sugarsmoking

I bought this computer by chance. I am from Europe and I went to US to visit a relative. I aimed at buying a new computer (my HP 8730w was showing aging signs) and I wanted a Z-book. Coming at the B&H store, they didn't have a z-book exactly at my preference, bet they showed me (on-screen...

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bmacnaughton bmacnaughton

I like this machine. I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 on it and, aside from headaches figuring out how to make the touchpad function only as buttons so I could use the finger nub that I'm used to, it's been fantastic. As it arrived the touchpad handled multitouch fine but was so sensitive that it was...

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retaildesigner retaildesigner

Original Post 6.4.2014 So there are a lot of negative reviews about the keyboard and track-pad. I think there are a lot of low tech users that are behind the times reviewing these machines. First of all off-set keyboard and track-pads are now the norm with many current laptops. I also have on...

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