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leedannyh leedannyh

I'm going to start off by saying that I love this Thinkpad X1. The X1 provides the best typing experience that I have ever had on a laptop so far. So what isn't great about the X1? There is three things that aren't' as ideal on this notebook. First, battery life. In real life use, I get...

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bookhimdano bookhimdano

Lenovo X-1 This is my third laptop from Lenovo (T60/X300/X-1) The actual product is among the best to date, but the quality checking and support of this product falls well short for a laptop which costs over $2k. My second day realized there is a problem guess what new system board is now...

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mbriggs mbriggs

The GOOD: This is without a doubt the thinnest and lightest Thinkpad laptop that I've ever seen. Hardly a day goes by without someome complimenting it. For a Thinkpad traditionalist, the new keyboard is different. And that in and of itself may be a reason not to buy this laptop. My experience...

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