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  • Speed and features I got the version with the 500 GB 5400 rpm which is impacting the overall speed. I am looking to upgrading to an SSD very soon. good
  • Design and form factor Very comfortable to work on a desk, on a lap or by holding it with both hands. Due to its size it is obviously not designed to be held with one hand. great!
  • Battery life The unit has very good battery management but a bigger battery (around 70W) would have gotten this to around 12 hours which would have been great. good
  • Display Great colors, no pixels are visible at normal viewing distance. Compared the same video with a MacBook Pro 13 inch Retina and saw no real difference. great!
  • Durability Durability was one of the main reasons for choosing the ThinkPad version of the Yoga over the IdeaPad one and I do not regret it. great!
  • Expandability Only thing that can be modified is the hard disk so not many options here. Adding the pen later is also not an option, you have to get the right screen option. so-so
  • Noise While on battery the unit will try to stay on passive cooling, thus completely silent. When playing Diablo 3 you may hear the fan when at maximum speed. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) I find it very portable. great!
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