August 25th 2014 9:00 am


Good looks and improved battery are a step in the right direction


With better battery life and a fully circular display, the G Watch R has two distinct advantages over its nearest rival. In many ways, that makes it an open-and-shut case. But, of course, with wearables it's never as simple as that. You may well prefer how the Moto 360 looks. Or, heck (we're not judging), maybe you think the Samsung and OG G Watch are the last word in fashion. And of course, there's the question of that $300 asking price. Ultimately, bar a few minor details (a heart rate monitor here, an ambient light sensor there), you're getting pretty much the same experience whichever Wear watch you choose. The parting of money will come down to two things: design preference and price. LG made the G Watch R nice to look at and more watch-like, so we have no complaints there. For now, the Android Wear throne hasn't been toppled, but Motorola might well have to shuffle over and make room for a neighbor.

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Engadget Nov 4, 2014

The G Watch R looks just as good as the Moto 360, and with the best battery life of any Wear watch to date, it (just) beats the Motorola in the battle for Android Wear supremacy. There's just the small issue of price to consider.

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CNET Oct 27, 2014

Although its stark design and beautiful face makes this the first smartwatch you might actually be happy to be seen wearing, its Android Wear software has a long way to go before it's anything more than a passing novelty.

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Android Central Oct 24, 2014

We haven't yet arrived at the perfect Android smartwatch. However you could make a compelling case that the LG G Watch R is a less imperfect product than its major rival, the Moto 360.

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TechRadar Oct 27, 2014

The G Watch R is one of the best smartwatches on the market, but it's still far from a polished device. Android Wear needs more work, it feels odd talking to your wrist and the price tag is hard to swallow.

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Digital Trends Oct 30, 2014

With a bright circular screen, a strong battery, and genuinely useful voice controls, the G Watch R is the best Android Wear watch yet. Sadly, it’s probably too large and sporty for some.

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Android Police Oct 28, 2014

The issue for the G Watch R is going to be, without a doubt, pricing. At $300, it's going to be hard to convince a lot of people to take the plunge, but I think those that do will be rewarded with probably the best Wear device yet, and by a significant margin.

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Jetson33 Jetson33

The best Android wear watch! I have had almost all of them. The Moto 360 was good but the screen cracked after a few days of wear. I got a new one and the screen protector for it is too small. Spent 2 hours on the phone with Motorola customer service and they never answered. Plus they don't...

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