by Seoulink

LG G3, LG G2 or LG G Pro 2
Good day, Hi, I'm Evan from the Philippines. I'm having a problem picking among the 3. I know g3 is the newest among the three but i hear many issues regarding laggy UI, battery drain, etc. So i decided to go for either lg g2 or lg g pro 2. Im having a hard time picking among the two. I know that both phones are kinda outdated like g2 was released at 2013. But i heard that lg g pro 2 will be having lollipop update so im leaning towards it. But some says g2 will be also having lollipop which is...

by Georgije

Why do digitally zoomed pictures from my LG G2 look more detailed?
I have been playing with my LG G2's camera a bit today and i have noticed something very peculiar.
As we all know, using digital zoom is a mortal sin and SHOULD not be expected to make the zoomed object any clearer.
But today i have noticed that this is exactly what happens with my LG G2.
Here are 2 example photos, so you can see what i mean (open them in a new tab, the image viewer here is a bit awkward):
no digital zoom:
with digital zoom:... Read more →