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Engadget Feb 7, 2011

The Optimus 2X offers great, benchmark-elevating hardware, but can't earn our seal of approval until it gets its software kinks straightened out. As it stands today, it's a great toy for developers and enthusiasts...

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AnandTech Feb 7, 2011

...finally fast enough that for a lot of the tasks I care about it's appreciably faster than the iPhone 4. At the same time, battery doesn't take a gigantic hit, and the IPS display is awesome. The software instability issues (which are admittedly pre-launch bugs) are the only thing holding me...

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SlashGear Apr 20, 2011

the best Android device in the carrier’s current line-up... The 8-megapixel camera and 1080p HDMI output are both useful and usable, while the design is inoffensively slick.

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Pocket-Lint Feb 4, 2011

In terms of sheer power the LG Optimus 2X currently outclasses its rivals, but within weeks we expect that to change. Our experience has likely suffered because we are so early into the life of this device - a tweak here and there may smooth out the overall experience...

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TrustedReviews May 12, 2011

The LG Optimus 2X is an excellent phone. Its styling is lovely, it packs in oodles of high-end hardware and thanks to its Android OS, it's hugely versatile. However, LG has made a few too many slip ups for it to really hit the top spot.

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Ubergizmo Jan 31, 2011 does provide a great experience, one of the best on Android in fact – but we’re still mostly on an “evolutionary” path, and you won’t be “floored” by the improved speed. This makes your life a little better, and things are nicer to use.

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deinfinityx deinfinityx

For my 4th android phone this one is hands down the best I have ever had. It is extremely fast(almost to a negative) and has a ton of memory(much more then any other android I have owned.) The screen is phenomenal, the battery is ok, great when you have 3, and the as stated the speed is...

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sajs sajs

Good overall phone but is very annoying that i has not yet received the Update for ICS let alone Jelly bean

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jeepguynola jeepguynola

Wow! Only had this a couple of days and got if for free when T-Mo reintroduced with Gingerbread, but man this is sweet. LG’s best looking and sexiest piece by far, the curved Gorilla glass on the edges gives you the idea of how overboard they went with design. Fast fast fast is all I can say and...

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mdkitzman mdkitzman

I would have to say that I am overall, pretty pleased with this phone. It is fast and responsive to my touches and gestures. My only problem with the device is the inexplicable reception problems. If they can seem to push out an update to the phone that would fix this problem, I would be very...

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stefan2305 stefan2305

The LG G2x was the first Tegra 2 smartphone publicly released. With that said, it showed off its power quite often when matched up against in benchmarks. With that said, I believe that the G2x is a fantastic phone with some of the drawbacks mainly left in the development and support side of the...

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ram9 ram9

Love the android os - the phone is a performer - fast as all hell - there is no Rating for RAW performance and that is where this little guy shines

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