August 28th 2012 8:30 am

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by raeee

why US market don't need the antenna to receive DMB TV broadcast?
by the video comparing the Korea unlocked version and 2 US versions (att and sprint), I found only the original Korea version has the antenna to receive TV broadcast, but why US market doesn't need that feature? I think it would be interesting to receive TV broadcast, and where to buy an Korea unlocked version?

by wyldtek

What are you expecting Google to announce at their Oct 29th event?
The Galaxy Nexus Google+ page ( has confirmed that there will be multiple Nexus devices announced at the October 29th event. What are you expecting (or hoping) they will announce?
It feels like new rumors have been popping up almost daily. The early rumors were that as many as five manufacturers would release Nexus devices this year. LG may get its first chance at a Nexus... Read more →