October 8th 2011 3:59 pm

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PC Mag Apr 12, 2011

The LG HBS-700 is a good-sounding if unusual-looking stereo Bluetooth headset for frequent travelers.

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josiahco josiahco

I have owned the backbeat 903 and motorokr previously, and must say that this is the best bluetooth stereo set I have ever owned. Both of my previous models were built poorly and died within a few short months (the rokrs had internal ciruitry issues, and the backbeats I think died from sweat)....

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sawilson sawilson

There's not really a lot to say about this that I don't cover above. This is the best value in bluetooth headphones I've ever experienced. Light, unobtrusive, amazing battery, great sound, neat design. On the design: 1) It has magnetic holders for the ear buds on the ends. So smart. 2) You can...

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GaryO GaryO

A unique and very usable design in a bluetooth headset. Controls are easily accessed, intuitive and reliable. Lightweight and out of the way around your neck design. Ear buds provide OK sound, but not much noise reduction (which I prefer, but others may not). Magnetic ear bud holder is a nice...

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mjpuczko mjpuczko

I bought these primarily for running/working out and for work around the house. I was getting annoyed with the apple ear buds/wired headsets in general for this purpose. I looked at quite a few bluetooth in-ear buds and settled on these based on the amazon reviews. The design is quite weird but...

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