September 24th 2012 8:16 am

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When LG asked me to review its new stereo headset I was not sure that this one would be any different than the Tone I already use.. so I tried it not expecting to be really blown away. Well, I’ve been using the LG Tone+ for several weeks now and I love it! Again since I owned and used the original LG Tone prior to getting my hands on the new model and was generally pleased as well. Aside from all the benefits of the original model (discrete access to a hands-free, wireless and non-goofy-looking blue-tooth device, voice-driven calling and wireless listening to music AND incoming text messages), two of the new model’s additional benefits include pairing capability with several devices concurrently and an even better music-listening experience. I pair my LG w/ my iPad and my android phone. This allows me to work w/ both devices simultaneously if I want to and not miss an audible sound from either. The new bass boost is very noticeable and offers terrific sound for most music. It is the default mode for the LG – and occasionally I find it essential that this can be turned off as certain music sounds better with the bass boost off. Actually, the bass boost is just part of the new EQ (equalizer) which is configurable. So theoretically, you could change a variety of settings to give you more emphasis on low OR high sounds.

The only thing missing is the ability to give my Android voice commands through the LG BT Tone – whenever you press the “voice command” button on the LG, Android assumes you are only speaking to the phone, so Google Search voice commands render no results. I think this is an ANDROID limitation, however, as I’ve seen no other BT devices which have this capability.

I still feel the best attribute of this thing though is its “discrete wear-ability”. I really love the fact that you wear it around your neck with nothing sticking in your ear at all times. It’s so discrete! When I wear a collared shirt, I wear it under the collar and then it is practically invisible. All in all, this is a great product that I now can’t live w/out!

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Thanks for the review. A guy at work loves his 700 and I decided to get the 730 just a day ago. The more I use it, the more I love it. I usually HATE earbuds because they always fall out of my ears but this design keeps them put.

I can confirm that Google Search voice commands are an Android issue. There are some major limitations with Voice search commands. Even a simple task like getting the phone to play music is embarrassing. I hope 4.3 will address the issues.