June 18th 2012 7:49 pm

Heads up! A newer version of this product is out!


by TechShowman

Surface Pro 3 Is For Replacing Paper and Pen, Replacing Computers and Tablets is a Bonus.
Reason to buy? If you like writing your ideas out with a pen and paper, the surface 3 pen, and full version of Microsoft OneNote replaces this, empties your office of paper, and is extraordinary. Stop trying to compare to a laptop, desktop, or tablet. This replaced all three for me. However, the breakthrough is how this replaces paper and pen when used properly.
Bottom Line: My entire life, business, and other interests are organized in Notebooks on OneNote. I can find everything immediately and... Read more →

by joberti

Concept Map for Windows Surface Pro 3
I am looking for a Concept Map application that I can use on my Surface Pro 3. I want to be able to take advantage of the stylus and the touch screen. It could be either an online or desktop app. I am looking for something affordable to free, no monthly subscriptions. Any thoughts?

by TgD

What tricks have you found for the Microsoft Surface Pro/Windows 8.1?
This week I was able to acquire a 1st-gen Microsoft Surface Pro for a ludicrous price as the Microsoft store was clearing them out. Figured I could give one a shot!
I have to admit, I feel a little over my head in terms of tuning things nicely, and seeing all the cool stuff you can do with it. So, I am asking the engadget community for tips to optimize things and see what neat stuff I can find out.
Alright- here are my tips so far-
1. ... Read more →

by frankspin

Does a product's repair score really matter to you?
iFixit has become quite popular, and their teardowns of newly announced products always grab the attention of the tech world. Their most recent teardown of the newest Retina model Macbook Pro unsurprisingly scored a 1, and of course it's causing a bit of a stir. While they are often interesting since they provide a real good look at the product, do these teardowns serve any form of relevance anymore? Especially for products like the... Read more →

by KAsante

Since the Surface Pro's hype has died down; Was it worth the purchase?
Hey Guys,
So I've wanted the surface pro ever since it was announced. But I didn't buy one when it was released because of all the mixed to negative reviews that came out about it.
I know the battery isn't the greatest. It's got mid-range ultrabook specs but is priced at the high-end and the keyboards, both touch and type cover, aren't a revolutionary as they claimed it to be.
My question is this:
For all those who did buy it.
Do you regret the purchase? Now that the hype has died down and... Read more →

by ArmpitOfDeath

"Is Microsoft's Surface with Windows 8 Pro worth $899?"
"Is the Surface Pro worth over $1,000?"

"surface value: Is Microsoft's Surface with Windows 8 Pro worth $899?"

I always knew gdgt was a den of Apple-lovers and that's fine, it's abundantly clear where the bias stands, but really - there's loving, and there's full Mactard. Can it.

by marc

Is the Surface Pro worth over $1,000?
Microsoft has announced pricing for the upcoming Surface with Windows 8 Pro, which is expected to ship in January (http://blogs.technet.com/b/microsoft_blog/archive... The new tablet will sell for $899 with a 64GB SSD, and $999 with 128GB. A keyboard, such as Microsoft's Touch model, will cost extra. How does this compare to other Windows 8 tablets? Lenovo's... Read more →

by langevine

webos - onward
I purchased the HP Touchpad as soon as it was released. I am very satisfied with the unit. However, it is obvious HP has abandoned a good product and I must move on.
Is SURFACE the way to to the future or is Android the path to follow?

by groovechicken

Windows 8 and the Myth of the All-Purpose Device
With the release of Windows 8 and its ecosystem of hardware near at hand, I have been thinking about the ancient (in technology years) myth of the all-purpose device. This myth is one every geek knows and dreams of. The idea of having a single device that you carry around that can meet all of the technology needs you have is one that has captured the imagination since the days of the first "portable" computers. For geeks everywhere, though, it is ultimately a dream that leaves us depressed and... Read more →

by marc

Will touchscreens become a standard feature on laptops?
As we've just seen from IFA 2012, a lot of manufacturers will be rolling out touchscreen laptops (and a few desktops) in the coming months, including Dell, Sony, Samsung, HP, Lenovo and Acer. These new models will, of course, be tied to the launch of the touch-friendly Windows 8 operating system, and will also compete against Microsoft's own Surface tablets.
While some of the new models will run the scaled-down Windows RT, and will be more... Read more →

by marc

Do you want a keyboard with that tablet?
There are lots of keyboards available for tablets, ranging from Bluetooth keyboard cases for iPads to specialized docks like the ones ASUS offers for its Transformer line. But few tablets actually ship with a keyboard, since most are designed to be used primarily with their touchscreens, and keyboards are generally considered aftermarket products designed for a small subset of the user base.
But longtime second-tier... Read more →

by rcartwr

Do we want "Built to Not Last"?
I recently read a post by Khoi Vinh titled "Built to Not Last" http://www.subtraction.com/2012/06/19/built-to-not... where he discussed the new Apple MacBook Pro and iFixit's complaint that the new MacBook was unfix-able in the broader context of the trend of companies such as Apple and now Microsoft building devices that are not user up-gradable or repairable, even down to battery replacement, much less memory or video upgrades. Is design trumping practicality? Andy Ihnatko may have said it... Read more →

by Tekcellence

Behold the Second Coming of Microsoft
Microsoft, when they unveiled their tablets today, created an entirely new market, or rather, reinvented an old market. Now, they are in a position that could allow them to dominate the tablet space in a few short years. If you don't believe me, read on...
Unlike rival tablets, such as the many Android variants, the BlackBerry PlayBook, which I think is an excellent tablet, but I digress; and others that compete with the iPad, Microsoft has the potential to bring to market a ready made success.... Read more →

by peter

My quick reaction to the Microsoft Surface tablets
Just cranked this out, apologies for any typos.
1. Microsoft needs to know when to stop when it's naming stuff. Just call it the "Surface" and "Surface Pro" and be done with it. "Microsoft Surface for Windows RT" and "Microsoft Surface for Windows Pro" might be more descriptive, but it isn't sexy. (And I think Apple made a similar mistake with the "MacBook Pro with Retina display". Yes, it's accurate, but surely that was not the best they could come up with.)
2. It shows that the OEMs don't have... Read more →

by marc

What do you think of the Microsoft Surface tablets?
Microsoft unveiled its Surface tablets today, including the ARM-powered lightweight Surface for Windows RT, and the Intel-powered, desktop-strength Surface for Windows 8 Pro. Do the new tablets have what it takes to compete with the iPad and Android -- and the whole universe of Ultrabooks?
On the, um, surface, the new tablets look very promising. Both include Microsoft's innovative Touch Cover and Type Cover for input, and both are lightweight, powerful, and crammed with useful features like full... Read more →