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Jessica is a professional nerd, specializing in gaming, technology, eSports and Harry Potter. She's written for online outlets since 2008, with four years as Senior Reporter at Joystiq. She's also a sci-fi novelist with a completed manuscript floating through the mysterious ether of potential publishers. Jessica graduated from ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in 2011 with a bachelor's in journalism.


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When YouTube announced its new gaming-focused livestreaming program, YouTube Gaming, Twitch SVP of Marketing Matthew DiPietro released a statement reminding everyone that his company did it first. "...

September 25th 2015 at 3:48pm
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Twitch is revamping its live-streaming systems in 2016, starting with a rollout of HTML5 video players and controls in Q2 2016. This means Twitch is officially ditching Flash. Second, Twitch's priva...

September 25th 2015 at 2:00pm
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Sprint has lowered the bar in The Great iPhone 6s Price Race of 2015. Trade in an iPhone 6 at a Sprint-branded store and snag a 16GB iPhone 6s for $1 a month. Or, trade up to a 16GB iPhone 6s Plus f...

September 24th 2015 at 1:05pm

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More than any other artistic medium, video games have a dire need to preserve their history. Unlike movies, books or music, it's incredibly hard to enjoy a classic game years or even decades after i...

August 6th 2015 at 5:52pm
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How long would you last on an island full of dinosaurs when you've nothing but a rusty machete and the clothes on your back? That's the question theHunter: Primal poses. It's also my absolute childh...

May 21st 2015 at 2:30pm