April 7th 2014 11:02 am


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by noloc45

HP Touchsmart 14z
I recently purchased a cheaper ($350) HP Touchsmart laptop. Its a quadcore 1.2ghz AMD that can be clocked out at 1.8ghz. It comes with a 500gb HDD and 4gb RAM.
It was SLOW but I was going back to school and needed something cheap. I then found a nice deal on a Cosair SSD on Newegg. Imagined my HDD and then put it on the SSD. BAM! Huge difference!
Startup time was like 2 mins and then for the desktop to get ready was about another minute on the HDD. When I popped the SSD in, its all within 10... Read more →

by kris

Operation Finish all the Games, July 2014
It's the first day of August so it's time for another update on how this project is going. Oh, to be young and have summers off, because then I'd be playing games all the time and my backlog wouldn't stand a chance. Alas, I am an adult with adult responsibilities and summers mean nothing. Nothing! Well, they mean longer days and having to put the air conditioner in the window.
The basic rules:
  1. Beat or finish one game a month. To...
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