February 2nd 2012 3:37 pm

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by Kanogul

Has the term "Smart Phone" run its course?
No one would question that smart phones have become ubiquitous in the modern age. People who barely understand how Microsoft Word works have fairly high-tech devices in their pockets, and while not everyone who owns a smart phone uses it to its full potential, they still use it. But what do they use it for?
Take a look around a restaurant or a store, and you will see a significant percentage of the people there with their eyes glued to their phones. Are they dialing a number or checking their... Read more →

by livedevil

Brick/Candy bar form factor for phone may no longer be relevant
With the rise of wearable tech, smart watches, ipad / slate / tablet ... etc, brick/candy bar form factor may no longer be relevant. Apple / Google / MS might already have foresee this. With a 3G slate, it might not be difficult to see user answering call via a wireless headset, if call is still needed. For mobile games, reading and surfing, one might also prefer bigger screen size as compare to current brick / candy bar form size. When form factor move away from current bar size, apps can focus... Read more →