by ZHDTester

Question about Dell Dimension 5150 and Wifi connectivity.
I've been using my Dell Dimension 5150 with XP SP3 upstairs for awhile now, for stuff not on the family computer, like Photoshop and others. But I've reluctantly tried getting the wireless to connect. I've been unfortunate. I use an ethernet cable connected to a Linksys Wireless G Range Extender. It's worked before, but now that I've upgraded my wifi to WPA2, I tend to wonder if that's the problem. And if so, are there any drivers/solutions out there that could fix this problem? Thanks.

by jslick

Is it possible to boot Windows XP from an external hard-drive?
I have a 4 and a half year old laptop that originally came with Windows XP. About a year ago, I bought a new hard-drive, swapped it into my laptop, and put Windows 7 on it. There are times, however, that I need to access certain applications that are on my Windows XP hard-drive. The only way I've been able to do this so far is to swap the hard-drive back in.
I have tried booting the Windows XP hard-drive from usb with an external hard-drive enclosure but unfortunately every time Windows XP begins... Read more →

by scotto74

Can't browse web when device connected to iTunes 10.5 on XP
Since upgrading to 10.5, anytime I connect a device via USB (iPad,3GS,4), I can't browse the web (in both Chrome & IE). As soon as I unplug the device, I'm able to browse fine. This is (presumably) also preventing me from upgrading to iOS5, as iTunes seems to timeout while "Contacting the iPad software update server". There have been some reports of iTunes using 100% CPU (fixed with "netsh windsock reset"). At first I thought this might have been the issue, but Task Manager shows that the... Read more →

by Dignan17

Best podcatcher for Windows?
I'm looking for the best podcatcher application for Windows. I've been using the Zune software for some time now, because it has the best presentation and visual appeal of any of the software I've seen so far. It has big downsides, though: it frequently forgets my place in a podcast when I stop, and the seek bar on the bottom is ludicrously small. A millimeter shift of that seek bar in a two hour podcast is something like 5-10 minutes, and that makes it impossible to use.
So what are the... Read more →

by barry

Exporting Outlook Express in a desktop into Windows Live Mail in a laptop?
My wife desperately needed a new computer to replace her 6 year-old desktop so, of course, I bought myself a new laptop and I'm giving her my old one. But try as I might, I cannot convince her to stop using Outlook Express. Of course, the laptop, which is running Win 7, does not even have Outlook Express so I at least convinced her that Windows Live Mail was the next best thing. Now, I need to figure out how to take the OE data in the desktop and bring it to Windows Live Mail in the laptop so...

by Ianny

Which do you prefer: taskbar up top, on the side or on the bottom?
Ever since I discovered a great Windows XP theme that made it feel more native on the top, I've been placing my taskbar there. When I got my Vista laptop, I immediately placed the taskbar on top since that's what I was used to; when I upgraded to Windows 7, same thing. Now I've gotten so used to it this way I even have my work computer set up for the taskbar to be on top. So, which do you folks prefer?