by frankspin

Saying goodbye to Windows XP
It's been a long run, but Windows XP has finally reached its end of life. As of April 8th Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, meaning no more security updates and support. XP was, and still is, one of Microsoft's most successful operating systems with many fans holding out on upgrading. Looking through our user reviews you can see how much some of our users loved the OS.
Trewyy: "Windows XP is still the best OS to date."
ParasValecha: "A beast of an OS... Read more →

by peter

Windows 8: Metro vs. Desktop?
Microsoft wants to have things both ways -- literally. They want to have a touch-based UI to address the growing popularity of tablets, but didn't want to turn their back on the legacy Windows experience that has been so massively successful for them for the better part of two decades. I sort of understand the decision to cram both of these interfaces together -- Microsoft believes, rightly or wrongly, that having the apps and power of a full PC will give them a fighting chance in the tablet... Read more →

by peterto

How to restore from a hidden recovery partition
Just thought I'd document this, since I don't see any real information on the internet about how to go about doing this.
I'm planning on selling one of my computers, but I needed to restore it to factory settings. Unfortunately, I've done many things with my computer, installed various linux distros, running a clean install of Windows XP and Windows 7, but one of the things I never did was create recovery DVDs in case I have any issues or wanted to restore it.
Luckily for me, I kept the recovery... Read more →

by toddjy

Running downloaded programs...
When I download a program installer from the internet, say iTunes or Skype, then run the installer, Windows XP... does something, then asks if I'm sure I want to run the program. I understand that this is to keep someone else from installing malicious software on my computer. But I have never seen this dialogue box show up any time other than when I'm trying to install a program. Let's remember that Windows XP is the OS with "buffer overrun" problems in damn near every... Read more →

by scott03atm

Trouble loading Windows XP
The company I was working for went out of business in July. I still have my company laptop and have used it to experiment with a number of things since then. After I was finished playing with the Windows 7 RC I completely erased the disk thinking I would need to do this to go back to XP. I have the machine set to boot from CD but can't get it to do anything. I have verified in the BIOS that the CD drive is the first in the boot order and have tried going through a one time boot as well. All...

by coologuy1957

Any Windows XP users left in the world?
I find it comical that it shows 600 people owning Windows XP on here... It is still by far the most installed version of Windows... Meanwhile, we show 500 people owning Vista... All the older versions of OS X show small numbers, but the most recent version, Snow Leopard, shows double the installs of either of these - 1200.... Its interesting nonetheless to see the OS make up around here...