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93 March 12th 2012 8:32 am

Microsoft's 2010 update to the Xbox 360 added a number of key features, including built-in WiFi, less noise, and circuitry designed to prevent the overheating issues that plagued earlier models. The Xbox 360 edges out Sony's PlayStation 3 for our top recommendation thanks in part to its larger game library, the best video apps on any console, the Kinect, and Xbox Live, which still provides a far better online multiplayer experience than the PlayStation Network (even if it isn't free).

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Engadget Jul 2, 2010

This is the best Xbox 360 ever made, bar none, and if you've yet to join the Xbox party -- and don't mind springing for an HDMI cable -- this is definitely the one.

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CNET Jun 23, 2010

Though the new Xbox 360 certainly addresses most of the concerns we've had with the versions before it, we don't think it warrants a purchase if you already own an Xbox 360 in working order with an HDMI-out port and a hard drive.

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TechCrunch Jun 25, 2010

The new Slim is an interesting departure from the old hardware and well worth a look if you’ve fallen out of the Xbox crowd due to a bricked console. It’s a sturdy and handsome upgrade to a workhorse console and, at $299 it isn’t too dear to consider in the upgrade path.

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Pocket-Lint Jul 12, 2010

The Xbox 360 S is a great refresh and one that Microsoft should be praised for. We like it, and with Kinect coming soon, these should fly off the shelves.

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T3 Nov 1, 2011

With wireless connectivity, extra storage within a stylish, near silent body, there’s no doubt that this is the best xBox ever. Gameplay is superlative, with fantastic graphics, a huge range of titles and of course xBox Live.

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TrustedReviews Jul 15, 2010

Put simply, the Xbox 360 250GB is the best Xbox Microsoft has made thus far. It’s better featured, with more USB ports and built-in wireless, its more energy efficient internals mean it's quieter and less power-hungry than its predecessors ...

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TechRadar Apr 10, 2012

In light of the recent software updates, the new Xbox 360 is probably the most complete and convenient box that you can stick under your telly. Not only does it play the latest video games, but it offers a huge amount of other content in one slickly designed interface.

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Dpmt Dpmt

I'm just going to come out and say it. The Xbox 360 won this round of the console wars. The Wii faded into late irrelevance for not being HD and Sony was beset with the wrong price at the start leading into seemingly continuous controversy. But the Xbox 360 stayed strong. It launched with the...

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llkats llkats

I'd like to rave about how awesome the Xbox is, but frankly, I'm a little disappointed in the hard drive. I did not realize that the 4GB flash drive would not allow me to install all of the massive Battlefield 3 updates. Granted, this is more the game publisher's fault than Microsoft's, but it...

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cjtylr cjtylr

The Xbox 360 is a solid gaming console, and I think it's better than the PS3 - especially after the recent hacks. Microsoft has amazing customer support which makes servicing them a breeze. Xbox's are obviously cheaper than high end gaming PCs, and as such perform worse.

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MtnSloth MtnSloth

This is my second 360, and it sits along side a PS3. These newer 360s are better in every way when compared to the original 360s. However, this improved 360 is still far too noisy when playing games; and, even without using the optical drive, is still noisier than my PS3 . . . the PS3 still wins...

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