by kris

Destiny is coming!
Tomorrow Destiny arrives for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Reviewers started receiving their copies over the weekend and the servers went online today. Of course, that means no day-one reviews tomorrow, so gamers will be picking the game up tomorrow based on the Bungie name, the pre-release news and trailers and of course, the hype.
Bungie explained their decision... Read more →

by dave

Want early access to the Destiny beta? Win a code, right here!
Bungie’s latest game, Destiny, will be available on September 9th. That’s a long time to wait! Well, guess what? We’re giving away 30 Destiny beta codes this week! Take that, ongoing passage of time!
Want a chance to win a beta code for your favorite platform? Just follow these directions.
  1. Add your console to your have list (Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One). You can add it to your list by visiting any of the
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by dave

How close do you sit in front of the TV when gaming?
I've been playing a lot of BF4 lately and had an interesting realization. I sit entirely way too close to the television when I play games. I think my original justification for it is that I wear glasses, so I need to sit closer to see. Except I wear glasses when I play, so it makes that point moot.
Anyway, I sit about 3 to 5 feet away from the 32" TV that I use for gaming. I'm sure that it's not good for my eyes, but hey. How close do you find yourself sitting in...

by IntrepidChuck

Xbox 360 Network Storage Server Idea
Many households, organizations, and events have multiple Xbox 360s being used. Transferring content from one to the other frequently through Cloud Storage or flash drives can get repetitive.
What if there were a NAS (Network attached storage) server that could store all the data used for all Xbox 360s on the local network? Things like profiles, game saves, movies, and even games and DLC could be installed on it. It would become the assigned device of the digital download licences. It would be... Read more →

by N3SSQwiK

Price of the Next Generation of Video Games
Talk of the next generation of home consoles is starting to appear on nearly every video game website. It got me thinking about what the price will be per game. With every generation, the prices of games have increased by $10.
Now I don't know about everyone out there, but $59.99 is my limit and the game has to amazing for me to even consider purchasing it at that price. I do most of my shopping on Amazon.com and I wait for their video game sales.
Yet I can't say that I feel confident that games...

by frankspin

The big dashboard update for the Xbox 360 has begun rolling out. What are your impressions?
After a bit of a delay the new fall update is rolling out. For those of you who have gotten the update what are you impressions so far? Do you like the the new metro look?

Edit: looks a big change was the Netflix UI and it's not too bad. I like being able to select audio subtitles as an option now. However I can't seem to identify how one restarts a currently watched episode. I wonder if anyone else is finding different changes that are for the better or worst yet.

by ryan

Xbox 360 hits 55 million units
Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 has hit 55 million units sold, and that its sales are accelerating not only disproportionately to its competition, but to any console ever at this period in its lifecycle. The Xbox team released a super interesting normalized sales graph that tracks sales progress from launch through year nine of the last few console generations: http://static.flickr.com/5062/5793291459_447e283c3... The interesting trends I'm seeing here: the Wii, as we know, has flamed... Read more →

by michelekPR

HP PC + Windows 7 + Xbox 360 Arcade: More Great Offers!
As promised last month, flagging a few great offers that many of you will likely want to check out, especially students. Microsoft has been working with retail and PC manufacturer partners to offer great deals on a variety of Windows 7 PCs. Sometimes it's hard to choose the best technology right for you when there is a myriad of choices AND still afford that little something extra (like an Xbox 360 Arcade!). Microsoft and its partners are trying to help make the decisions a little easier... Read more →

by coologuy1957

The only reason I will not get the New Xbox 360 is because I actually use the memory card slot and have since the beginning.
My girlfriend and I have our profiles on two cards and take them between the bedroom and living room xboxes and sometimes over to friends houses and her house in another city. I understand you can use USB sticks now, but there is no need for it so far since everyone I know has the older style Xbox 360.... other than that, the new model is pretty impressive. I wish it didn't have the power brick but oh well.... I'll probably just get an Xbox Elite once they drop the price since... Read more →

by notgary

The convergence of TV and the internet is an idea that has only really taken off on the torrent sites, but has a lot of potential, especially if someone can…
make a device/platform to which content creators can latch on to, the way magazine publishers are limpetting themselves to the iPad. The problem is that no one has yet produced a product that can fully replace a laptop connected to a TV/projector. Today, there are three main options for doing this: 1) Apple TV/Xbox 360 These both have pretty much the same story to them: you buy content from the respective stores, through the device, then watch it on your TV. Apple TV can transfer content from... Read more →

by michelekPR

Check it out! Save $200 when you buy a Toshiba or Dell laptop AND an Xbox 360 Arcade!
Starting next week, May 23rd, Best Buy and BestBuy.com (U.S. only) are offering a $200 discount when you purchase either a 14” Toshiba E205 or 15.6” Dell s15z notebook along with an Xbox 360 Arcade. What? I can get a shiny new laptop AND a cool gaming console at a great discount??? Both PCs come with Windows 7 Home Premium, which has lots of cool built-in media features like connecting you to Windows Media Center, and it allows you to connect your PC right to your televisions to view and... Read more →

by dave

Red Dead Redemption is out on May 18th. Are you getting it?
Personally, I have some bizarre, guilty pleasure of enjoying spaghetti westerns. This new open-ended game from Rockstar Games looks so fun and I can't wait for its release. I'll probably be picking up a copy the day it comes out on the PS3. It even has multiplayer. Maybe we can get some folks together and start a gdgt posse! Anyway, it looks awesome. Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VG09O3_GRY

by manveru

Netflix has revitalized my Wii.
When I first got my Wii, I played it all the time, and I loved it. But as soon as I got an Xbox, the poor Wii was left unused. I moved it from my living room into the bedroom, where it sat for months never even being turned on. It took my wife 2 or 3 months to notice that I hadn't even plugged the Wii into anything. Now that we have the Netflix disc, the Wii has gone from not being used to being a way to watch Netflix from the bedroom! So now my Wii has a purpose again. Of course the much... Read more →