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Having both a 360 & PS3, I suspect the hardware problems with the 360 helped me fall out of love with it and eventually move to the PS3-- not even the 360 exclusives kept me excited. It lost its position in my home theater to the PS3.

That said, for what it is, the 360 a fine, capable console for gaming (I could do without the Mii-style UI). The cost of upgrades, while frustrating, is not surprising. I fire up the 360 from time to time to revisit saved games, but totally ambivalent when doing it. Wish it had a browser like all the rest, even the handhelds. Hopefully, the 360 will evolve with initiatives like Natal, and embrace next generation gaming.

My rating, however, is a strong 7.5. Good console, great selection of games (and more kids games in the marketplace), yet displeased with performance and total include featureset.