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When the console was first released it was the big powerhouse of the games industry. The only thing that was feared was the PS3, but on release of the PS3 a year later it was obvious that a console that was a year longer in development from both hardware and software was just not able to keep up to the power of the Xbox 360.

Now 3 years on, this is still the best console around. Sure I have a PS3 too, I like my bluray and the couple exclusive games like LBP and MGS, but if I have a choice it will be 360 the whole way.

Why? Well the graphics are better, the controller is better, the Multiplayer is better, the achievments and website are just awesome.

On top of all that, I use Windows Media Center with Comcast cable and being able to watch all my TV though the Xbox along with Netflix just makes this my multimedia powerhouse.

Oh and one last thing, Natal!