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I owned an original Xbox and thought Live was a pretty good robust service. When I got my 360 I was expecting more of the same, but I was absolutely blown away with "new" Xbox live. The integration of live across all aspects of the platform is amazing - friends can contact you whenever you choose to allow them, you can jump into a game you own that your friend is playing, the list goes on. The controller is in my opinion the best I have ever used (except for a rather imprecise d-pad) and is comfortable after hours of use, and the removable battery pack enables you to keep going without wires even if you exhaust it with a marathon gaming session). Wireless was also a unexpected delight - I think later generations of gamers will be amazed we ever had wired controllers which feel so constricting now.

With the new Xbox experience Live became a little more user friendly for non gamers and also expanded its online capability further with conference chats for larger groups.

With further capability revealed during 2009 it is quite clear that there are some years left in the XBox360 yet with expansion of online capabilities expanding the lifespan of the console which still has graphics / gameplay equal to anything out in the console market.

One word of advice though get a big hard drive when you get the console - upgrading is expensive.