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  • Reception and call quality You will not experience static with the Atrix. If there is a reception issue the call drops or the user simply cannot hear or be heard. so-so
  • Display The salesman said this phone had a Super-Amoled screen... No. good
  • Battery life The Atrix system sucks life out of itself. Phone is worthless because user cannot take the battery out for a power cycle or replace a back-up. awful!
  • Camera The camera focusing is bad. You will take and retake a non-action picture several times until Motorola Atrix HD can decide on a focal-length. so-so
  • Ease of use When Atrix hangs, you'll suffer 5-25 minutes downtime while the phone takes time to power-cycle itself. If your in an emergency, your dead. poor
  • Design and form factor The appearance may cause the user to think this is the best phone available. Never let esthetics deceive you. good
  • Portability (size / weight) Atrix HD does not have the texture or weight to use it actively without the chance of dropping it or having it slide from your hand to breakage. so-so
  • Media support Not thoroughly tested. great!
  • Durability The outer shell is soft and can scratch or mar very easily. The Kevlar feature is not impressive and used to try to impress the customer with a popular word. so-so
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) When people send you text's while driving the Atrix auto-respond's that you are driving. So if someone wants to rob your home, they know you're not home. so-so
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AT&T (www.att.com­/wireless) corporate store manager and sales representatives in Spokane, WA compare their Smartphone selection to Craigslist.org for consumer choices.

Don't waste your time with the Motorola Atrix HD. The operation of the phone seems smart, but it is loaded with surprises that may irritate you.
  • The hands free speakerphone set up with the windshield visor bracket / line-in to your car stereo is worthless. You can hear the caller, they cannot hear you which becomes embarrassing and counter-productive.
  • The recent update for the phone seems to not correct problems, but becomes a marketing decision to force the download of new applications a person didn't originally have installed.
  • The camera's focusing is poor. How many pictures do you wish to take before finally getting it right?
  • The Hotspot feature takes 5-10 minutes for your device to use the internet. Facebook.com and Atrix HD hotspot take 5-15 minutes until you can use the social networking platform on another device and browser connected with the AT&T Hotspot feature.
  • When you take your Atix HD to the AT&T corporate store with complaints, the representative and store manager will direct the customer to find a cell phone on Craigslist.org
Your new Atrix will freeze up. When this happens, you have no control to restart it. The battery is embedded in the phone. You cannot remove the battery to force the phone to restart. It is up to the phones programming to decide when it will restart itself. The restart time is anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes.

Short-side: Not your smartest choice for a "smartphone." If Iphone isn't your popular choice, your Atrix HD is tyring to become just exactly that, an Iphone.
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