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lenniefournier lenniefournier

I purchased this (black model) for myself after having purchased the LG Tone+ for my wife. I much preferred the form factor, with the bulky part behind the neck instead of resting on the chest like the LG's. Also, I preferred the flat wire leads for the buds, as opposed to the round ones of...

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stunnaswagg22 stunnaswagg22

The Motorola buds impressed me coming from a Motorola S9 the sound quality is on par if not better. The design is sleek but the neck band its self is a bit stiff if you have a fat neck this may not be for you it may cut too close. It is extremely light and once you get accustomed to it around...

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AlexSpin99 AlexSpin99

The Motorola buds will literally be "your best new buds." I got these for Christmas and I was not expecting them to be this good. I thought since they were Bluetooth, have a good battery life, and have a cheaper price of $75 compared to other Bluetooth ear buds. Despite my thoughts these...

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phlydude phlydude

I picked these up at Costco for under $40 on sale which made the uninformed purchase, so much better to swallow. Once I unpacked them, I gave them a shot listening to 90's Alternative channel on Pandora while I mowed the lawn. Now they aren't as noise isolating as my over the ear active noise...

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FBFlyAgent FBFlyAgent

These are great. Good sound quality, light weight, inexpensive, and comfortable. I have the Bose Noise Canceling In-Ear headphones and they are awesome. These provide a comparable level of noise canceling on the street (haven't tried them in a plane, yet). These are great for the gym because you...

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