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  • Reception and call quality No comments great!
  • Display qHD is nice. Brightness is great but have to ding it one point for the pentile subpixel matrix which is definitely noticeable. good
  • Battery life In 3G areas battery is similar to what I got from my first generation DROID. As is to be expected though LTE takes its toll on battery life. good
  • Camera No comments
  • Ease of use -1 point for the unnecessary Motorola customizations and unbelievable amount of preinstalled and worthless verizon bloat. good
  • Design and form factor More plastic than previous moto phones but still feels pretty solid. good
  • Portability (size / weight) Surprisingly light and thin. great!
  • Media support I don't think you can beat the fleixibility of the android ecosystem when it comes to supporting diverse media formats. great!
  • Durability I'm a little worried about long term integrity of snap on plastic battery door. good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) No comments great!
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The Verizon LTE data network has been amazing. That speed coupled with the dual core CPU and full gig of RAM make this device and absolute pleasure to use (even despite moto & vzw trying their best to overload it with customizations and bloatware). Coming from an aged first generation Droid, this is a screaming super computer. If you however are not in an LTE coverage area and/or already running a newer phone, you probably wont be as easily impressed as I.
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