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Unmatched battery life meets fast performance and rock-solid build quality


If there were an award for "Most Improved Handset," we'd give it to the RAZR HD. With the launch of the Droid RAZR last year, Motorola set about trying to reestablish its legacy of producing cutting-edge, high-end hardware. It was far from perfect, but it definitely put the company on the right track. The RAZR HD and MAXX HD pick up where their predecessors left off, addressing practically every concern you could have had about the original. Most notably, the screen has gone from a 4.3-inch qHD panel to a 4.7-inch HD one, all without any changes to the device's physical dimensions. The manufacturer has sacrificed some style in the name of functionality, but still managed to make an already premium-feeling device feel even more like a luxury item. Truth is, outside of battery life, specs aren't what matters here. Sure, NFC and a speedy dual-core processor are nice, but as we've said before, the RAZR line is all about the materials. This isn't about the 1GB of RAM or the 8-megapixel camera; it's about the sheath of Kevlar, the tough glass panel and the aluminum frame. The entire device is even protected with a water-repellent coating to safeguard your investment.

If you can get past the somewhat awkward, brick-like construction, you'll find the newest RAZRs are well worth your consideration. The only question that remains is, is it worth the cash? All told, the RAZR HD is more than capable of holding its own against the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 in a battle of the premium Verizon devices. And things will only get better when it gets upgraded to Android Jelly Bean later this year.

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PC Mag Oct 18, 2012

The Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid Razr HD represents a happy medium between the smaller Razr M and the more-expensive Razr Maxx HD.

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CNET Oct 17, 2012

Motorola’s lovely new Droid Razr HD is fast and thin, but its weak camera should make mobile shutterbugs wary.

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Computerworld Oct 22, 2012

With its rugged build, outstanding battery life and close adhesion to Android 4.x design standards, the Razr HD presents an impressive overall package that stands out from the pack and earns a well-deserved spot among the Android elite.

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Gizmodo Oct 22, 2012

The only reason to get the RAZR HD over the MAXX is price. The differences in thickness and weight are imperceptible. You're buying either of these phone primarily for the juice, so it's worth ponying up the extra hundred for more. If you can't afford it, the RAZR HD still has great battery life...

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Laptop Magazine Oct 18, 2012

The Motorola Droid RAZR HD gives users a fantastic display and fast performance in a slim and strong design, but the camera could be better.

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PC World Australia Oct 8, 2012

The Motorola RAZR HD's big battery definitely lasts a little longer than many of its competitors, giving it a slight advantage. This is a well-built smartphone with some intuitive software but the RAZR HD's industrial look and feel won't strike a positive chord with everyone.

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TechHive Oct 17, 2012

By uniting a high-quality display with speedy 4G LTE and all-day battery life, Motorola has made a very impressive smartphone.

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TrustedReviews Mar 4, 2013

On paper the Razr HD may not look all that tempting an option given its fairly modest spec. However, in the flesh it's an attractive looking phone that feels more robust than the likes of the Samsung S3. It's got surprisingly good performance for a dual core phone too, and excellent battery life.

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savbers savbers

I am reviewing the Rogers version of the RAZR HD LTE. The first thing I noticed on this phone was the speakers amazing loudness. But seriously, forget about the Galaxy S3 - this thing is competing with my alarm clock. The second thing I noticed on this phone was that the screen is amazingly...

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coper210 coper210

got the phone yesterday, amazing call quality and it feels very sturdy. The screen is fantastic and everything looks crisp and clean. I wish they would of upgraded the camera but it is still decent. I can't wait for Jellybean!

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