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  • Reception and call quality not familiar with all the settings and adjustments for calling. That is automatic answer and auto speakerphone and such as of yet good
  • Display better than my original Droid and I held Bionic next to it and preferred the Razr. great!
  • Battery life Can't make it through a day without charging at noon. I tried turing everything off to save battery but then what's the use of having the bells and whistles. awful!
  • Camera No comments
  • Ease of use Finally met my match for want of bells and whistles good
  • Design and form factor Love the thin. I cannot type on the little friggin keyboards so dont need it. I thought I would miss the physical buttons on the bottom but so far okay. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Love the thin, Love the weight, doen't sag my shirt pocket. great!
  • Media support SO- So . Doesn't have a separate video player or file system for video. Not able to create folders in an album easly what a pain in the A good
  • Durability So far so good. Have put it in my hip pocket no problems. good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) New apps suck. CAn't delete them. Most are fraudulent trialware or stripped down poor quality. I would like my old Droid original apps back. awful!
Detailed review
Was torn between Bionic, Razr, iphone 4s at the time. Bionic was too bulky and dispay didn't seem as good. iphone didn't have 4g nor a decent size screen ( though very good for a smaller screen) also can't play flash video. But bottom line is the free apps available for android that work and work very well. All the latest phones are similiar and is difficult to pick one. I did try them all and settled on the Razr.