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  • Reception and call quality No problems with reception. Wi-Fi antenna could've been stronger imo. Dual mics for noise cancellation when calling someone is a plus. great!
  • Display Pentile matrix lets it down. Also for whatever reason text lack clarity (that could be me lacking glasses). Otherwise great screen and really clear and vivid. good
  • Battery life It is rarity for a modern smartphone to have a good battery life, but this one has! Better than my Desire HD by miles. good
  • Camera So-so. No flash when focusing at night (like the SII for instance) Nice pictures in good light, but noisy otherwise. Flash is sometimes in the wrong place... so-so
  • Ease of use Motorola's skin on Gingerbread isn't the greatest. good
  • Design and form factor Design: 10 out of 10. Sleek and thin and gorgeous. Form Factor: Smaller bezel is all this phone needs to be perfect, but don't think that's possible. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) REALLY LIGHT! half the weight of the Desire HD. A bit on the big side though, but certainly not an issue unless you own a really small purse. great!
  • Media support I guess it's standard for Android, never had any issues with it. great!
  • Durability Feels really well-built for such a thin device. Screen is more durable than my Desire HD. I've also tried to scratch the Kevlar back, it didn't work. great!
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Lots of room for improvement on the Lapdock, but still a large range of accessories. great!
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