August 1st 2012 1:44 pm

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  • Reception and call quality Next to the Galaxay line, this one blows them all out of the water. Places where I couldn't even send a text with my S3, I was 3g data surfing. great!
  • Display The new color boost technology is a welcomed addition however, I would have liked if they didn't steal screen real estate with soft-buttons. That .5" matters. good
  • Battery life Battery life has been good, but compared to the pack in the original Electrify, I wonder if they could have squeezed a few more mAh into it. good
  • Camera Snaps photos very quickly, photos seem to have a yellow hue though in some lighting situations making it not quite as lifelike as the S3's shooter. good
  • Ease of use MotoBlur, what can I say? Sometimes it makes things a little more complicated than it needs to be. so-so
  • Design and form factor Love the metallic finish trim, the feel of the buttons. Makes you feel comfortable carrying it in almost any situation, whether it be work or play. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Being a 4.3" display, makes it a good size, especially compared to it's predecessor, the original Electrify. great!
  • Media support As with most android based handsets, you can watch and listen to almost anything, with the exception of iTunes protected formats. good
  • Durability Splash resistant, scratch resistant glass, all a plus, but it still feels a good twist could snap the unit. good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Being a newly released product, there are not quite as many accessories available for it, especially compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3. so-so
Detailed review
What can I say? Motorola has done it again with US Cellular. They have created an excellent handset with better than average specs, a handset that can actually make a call or surf the web, almost anywhere.

Being an avid smartphone user, having service is always key for me. I had the original Motorola Electrify, and it never let me down. The only thing that could always have been improved on was the raw size and the screen.

I moved on to the Galaxy S2, and shortly after tested the Galaxy S3. There was no shortage of happiness when it came to the raw specs of those two handsets.. but something was always missing.. SIGNAL!

After seeing the Electrify 2 show up on the store shelves, I decided I had to give it a try. I have not been disappointed.

Asthetically, this phone is a great contender. The corners are sharp and vibrant, the underpinnings of a business class phone with high end guts. This phone could proudly be carried by a professional or college student. The buttons do leave a little bit to be desired, a little more feedback would be nice when toggling the unit on and off. Compared to the Electrify 1, this phone is a lightweight in size.

The overall flow of the phone has been smooth, transitions easy, and features usable. Some things have been overly complicated, such as adding icons to your homescreen and the inability to remove extra unused homescreens. This is a shortcoming of MotoBlur, not the phone itself..this is easily fixed with a 3rd party launcher.

Speaking of that screen..very nice change. The color boost display has come leaps and bounds over that PenTile display from the original. Very crisp, clear colors. However, they have integrated the soft buttons into the usable screen space, which has removed nearly a half an inch from the bottom of the display. Not a game ender, but certainly an annoyance nonetheless.

Camera is greatly improved over the original. Crisp photos, quick snaps, but still falls short. Color replication is not quite as accurate as the Samsung rear shooters, but it does get the job done. Still clearly a secondary feature.

The front camera hasn't really been improved on. In a time where megapixels keep jumping, this front shooter has fallen flat and stayed in the VGA realm. Compared to the GS3 front shooter, this camera is short of a joke, but does still remain largely usable for video chats. Just don't expect any great quality from it.

SmartActions... WOW! What a feature, gives you the ability to program automatic profiles for times of the day, level of battery, etc. This will come in handy for the person who is out all day and is away from a charger, or the person who likes to hibernate after 9pm. Set the profile and it will automatically adjust accordingly.

The conclusion for this phone? An excellent well rounded choice for those who want a smartphone which can pull signal with the best of them. For those expecting this to be a bigger badder upgrade from the Electrify, you might want to reconsider, as this really is a full redesign. HDMI has been removed, no kickstand, and mostly no serviceable battery. The 1.2GHz dual core processor doesn't disappoint, but compared to the still valid gaming might of the Tegra 2, it might not be a worth while upgrade, especially given the 300 dollar price tag before rebate.