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by frankspin

Will we ever see cheaper phones?
OnePlus finally took the covers off their One phone (I don't get the name either) and it's pretty impressive. It has the specs to stand against some of the top flagships out there and comes in at $300, which is about half the price of major flagships. The two potential downsides are the battery is not removable, and it only has 16GB of storage with no microSD slot. However for only $50 more you can get 64GB of storage instead.
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by frankspin

What is going on over at Google!?
Google is certainly busy in the mobile space with news coming out about an agreement with Samsung, and the potential sale of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo.
First, there is Samsung (http://www.engadget.com/2014/01/29/google-and-sam... who has made an agreement with Google to tone down the total amount of customization on Samsung phones. I don't doubt anyone will disagree this is a good thing because Touchwiz has been two steps forward in features but always one step back in appearance.
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by TheGlobalMotoG

The "Global" Moto G
I just had this chat with Motorola:
Status: Disconnected
Jingky: Hi, my name is Jingky. How may I help you?
Elizabeth James: does the Moto GP, to which I just bought,
Elizabeth James: I just bought 2 moto g. Is there a second sim
Jingky: Good day, please know that we will be doing our best to help you with your concern.
Jingky: Where did you purchase the phone>
Elizabeth James: From you
Jingky: You mean from the US, right?
Elizabeth James: Yes. Order was for global gsm phone
Jingky: Thank you.
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