by frankspin

Have fitness trackers and wearables improved your health?
As wearables start to grow and find their stride, I'm beginning to notice a lot of them are bundling in fitness features such as pedometers and even heart rate monitors. It's not really surprising when you consider how cheap, and basic, fitness trackers are. The thing is though, have fitness trackers improved your health at all?
Sure they can count steps and (estimate) your calories... Read more →

by Met

Time to create a smartwatch category?
I know it's a very new technology with very few existing products, but they're rolling in and will probably be a big mainstream thing with the next year or 2 considering the rumors of all the giants working on their own.
Would be nice to browse the available options from now in a single category. There's already the Pebble and now a big booming new project on KickStarter, AGENT ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/secretlabs/age... ). I'm sure there are others, as I've... Read more →

by nitehawk

Pebble Smartwatch
After selling out the kickstarter campaign and make big waves doing so the company is now taking pre-orders on this website:
Go ahead and click on the pre-order button, they say right on the website:
"Your Pebble watch will ship in early 2013. We will not charge your credit card until your watch is ready to ship (and we'll contact you by email first to confirm)."
Shipping early next year?! Wow this company is full of idiots! 6 month lead time on a watch? Talk about bad... Read more →

by acaurora

MotoACTV's website counterpart - How will it compare to others?
This is an amazing device, first of all. The thought that came to my mind though is how will the MotoACTV website perform/appeal to its users? Will it be just as robust and comprehensive as other fitness device-oriented websites, such as Garmin Connect, Strava, or DailyMile? And will MotoACTV allow or provide some sort of API/export function such that those who have used these aforementioned websites so religiously up until the MotoACTV's introduction can continue to use other websites. I for... Read more →

by dave

Discuss Motorola's "Faster. Thinner. Smarter. Stronger." keynote right here!
Motorola's keynote is going down right now. What will they be announcing today?

Follow along with our friends from Engadget: http://www.engadget.com/2011/10/18/motorolas-faster-thinner-smarter-stronger-event-liveblog/?sort=newest&refresh=120

Products announced:
  • Droid RAZR: http://gdgt.com/motorola/droid/razr/
  • Motoactv: http://gdgt.com/motorola/motoactv/
  • SF500: http://gdgt.com/motorola/sf500/
  • SF700: http://gdgt.com/motorola/sf700/
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