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75 May 30th 2012 12:54 pm

There's really just one reason to spend $50 on the Netgear NeoTV Streaming Player: It may be the cheapest way to get full 1080p streaming from Netflix and other services to your HDTV. That said, it's far from perfect, with a cumbersome user interface, and limited connectivity options; if you have an older HDTV, or are out of HDMI ports, forget about connecting it to your set. If you need more flexibility, and don't need 1080p, you'll get more options with Roku's similarly priced LT and HD models. If you want the flexibility and full HD, the Roku 2 XD is available for about $80. But for 1080p on the cheap, the NeoTV will do the job, as long as you can live with its other limitations.

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PC Mag Mar 23, 2012

Netgear's NTV200 is a $50 Netflix-and-other-video-services box for your HDTV, but its interface isn't as polished as those you'll find on Apple TV or Roku boxes.

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CNET Nov 4, 2011

While it's a capable streamer the lack of any expandable memory and its limited connectivity really limit its universal appeal. It's also priced too high compared to the most recent Roku offerings.

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Home Theater Review Apr 19, 2012

Overall, if you're looking for an easy, inexpensive way to bring the major Internet-based VOD, music, and other entertainment sources to your HDMI-equipped TV, then the Netgear NTV200 is worthy of serious consideration.

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Maximum PC Jan 19, 2012

Enthusiasts will want more than what the NeoTV delivers, but this is a good product to recommend to friends and family who just want an easy way to stream media from the Internet to their entertainment center.

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QuadzillaNET QuadzillaNET

VALUE With the NeoTV, Netgear lowers the entry point for Internet streaming devices to the $50 mark. Many, if not all Blu-ray players now include pre-installed apps for watching Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and other internet content. However, you will still pay twice as much to gain the same...

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