September 30th 2009 2:11 pm

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Irv Irv

The box arrived and it was fairly easy to set-up, the only fiddle was it was defaulting to so I had to set the NVX with a static IP via direct cable from my laptop. Access and admin is simpole ujsing the RAIDar software, I've installed the transmission torrent client which...

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g00dy g00dy

Hi, I got the ReadyNAS NVX Pioneer thinking that it had iSCSI support. Well it doesn't. I wanted something with iSCSI support so that I could keep all of my VMs readily available and didn't have to back them up all of the time. Also, I wanted to learn more about iSCSI. Reading...

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gigatexel gigatexel

I've had the NVX for about a year now and I have to say that I'm quite satisfied with it. I purchased the Pioneer version (diskless) with 4 2TB Hitachi drives. With the X-RAID2 setup I get about 6TB of useable space on the redundant array. Its been used exclusively with Macs over the AFP...

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