August 28th 2013 11:59 am


by TimSeppala

E3 reveals?
So, we're about two months away from E3 (Paris Fashion Week for games, for the uninitiated), what do you want to see from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony? Given that everyone's new hardware is out in the wild, the focus this year is likely going to be on games, games, games, games and possibly a bit of VR.
No one knows what any of the platform holders have in store for this fall, but there are a handful of third-party games... Read more →

by frankspin

Favorite games from 2013
We've had some exciting gaming discussions here in the forums over the past year. We talked about our initial impressions of the new consoles, if Nintendo can survive, and even what games we're all playing. As the year wraps up I thought it'd be fun to get a good idea of the communities favorite games to come out in 2013. This serves as a great way to check out games you may have missed or forgotten about.
QuizUp (iOS): This is nothing more than a simple trivia game that you can play against... Read more →

by sirijo

Are mobile games becoming unfashionable?
Somewhere between 2004 (release of the original DS) and 2011 (3DS) I found that my habit for mobile games had altered. I went from training Pokémon on the bus to blasting marbles around in Peggle. It was a natural shift and whilst my portable Nintendo still saw new experiences come along they came along alot less than my trusty old Gameboy Advance during its hey day.
However as time went on the things I was playing on the go seemingly became less original and I felt that every new app I tried... Read more →

by kris

Nintendo is doing just fine and doesn't need to make games for mobile, thank you very much
It seems like every few weeks someone is writing a new article about how Nintendo is doing horribly and how they need to start releasing their games on iOS because that's where the future is.
These critics will always present this as a foregone conclusion, as... Read more →

by Musikon

Did you get a 3DS or 2DS to play Pokémon X Y?
The new 3D Pokémon games, X and Y, released this past weekend on October 12. Nintendo also released their new 2DS, the non-3D handheld aimed at younger children that day, and many were clamoring to get their hands on the limited edition Pokemon X and Y 3DS XLs.
Did you pick up Pokémon or a 2DS/3DS to play the game? Which version did you pick? And what Pokemon starters did you decide on?
Personally, I already had a 3DS prior to the Pokémon release, I chose Pokémon X, and went with Fennekin and... Read more →

by TgD

Nintendo 2DS, is there actually a market for this?

With the announcement this morning of the Nintendo 2DS, I can't but help wonder who is going to buy this.

It just seems so odd. It takes away the 3D aspect which was the main selling point of the 3DS when it first came out. I also think a lot of games are designed for 3D mode and this would ruin some of the gaming experience, although it may not ruin kids' eyes

What do you think about this odd thing