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Honestly, this is a great system for me, but I know that I haven't chosen it by standards that most adults would have to deal with. I have autism with an auditory and tactile sensory processing disorder- I have trouble feeling pressure, heat, and cold, and I have trouble with loud or sudden sounds...which means that I have actually almost snapped the screens off of two previously-owned Nintendo DS's either by accident or by being extremely age 26. The fact that it doesn't close is nice for me; the screen and buttons also never change orientation, so I don't spend 10 minutes fiddling with it to get it 'perfect'. The fact that it's all one texture is also very soothing. The smooth shiny plastics don't feel right to me- this is more substantial to my senses. The solid black color also means that the color of the system doesn't distract me from the games- I've had that problem before.

As an aside, I also can't view 3D without getting extremely motion sick or nauseous because my sense of balance is kinda terrible, so I don't see any logical point in paying extra to buy a system with a feature that I am actually physically incapable of using.

The fact that it only has one speaker doesn't bother me at all, because I'll either play with the volume very, very low, or with noise canceling headphones in. Overall, it's nice for me- the portability probably isn't the best for men...but girls have purses. We've been dealing with pants pockets that are 2 inches deep since we were about 12 years old. If any of us have ever been able to carry anything bigger than a stick of gum in our pockets, I'd like to know where they're buying their clothes from.

In conclusion- men, get some purses! But, it's a good system. I'm really happy with it, and I'm glad that it works for me. I would say it's a good choice for any adult or child who either can't view 3D or isn't very 'gentle' with things. It's also a great choice for any parents who have autistic gamers in their lives. :) Definitely recommended.
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