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  • Game library No comments great!
  • Graphics slightly superior to nintendo 64, but not cheap or glitchy in any way, just simple and fun. good
  • Battery life No comments so-so
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments good
  • Durability The non floppy screen and one piece body helps with sturdiness, the weight is passable and doesn't feel cheaper than its price, overall no frills. great!
Detailed review
I think its a pretty awesome handheld system, but I have to admit that I am kinda bias in some aspects. I will divide my review in 3 sub topics which I think pretty much sum ( at least for me)
the " to look at" factors, if you already own a 3Ds skip to ( why i bought a 2Ds)

1. Nintendo & Graphics
Nintendo is only starting to play the "super graphics" game till recently I believe when they realized the amount of money they where loosing because of the gamers migrating towards greener fields . Not everyone cares about graphics, but much more people do now more than ever. Nintendo by omitting this market in the Wii and betting to gameplay over graphics pretty much isolated itself in a little island of nostalgia for its characters and curious minds. What I mean is that pretty much the only ones still playing nintendo systems do it because of exclusive content ( no one really cares much for 3rd party developers) . Nintendo knows that and also knows (and I agree) that they're character world only requires to a point mind shattering graphics, so nintendo has bet on more "art oriented" style of animation. Rather than being able to count every single eyelash on mario's eyebrows or mustache and creating simulated physics on how high mario would bounce after jumping on a gumba on a hyper realistic world, nintendo on most of their titles ( excluding Zelda and Metroid ) focuses on to a higher quality in definition, and design but equally realistic ( cartoon like) reality. The 3Ds graphics are basically in between N64 and gamecube, I doubt anyone rants about graphics when playing a Pokemon game.

2. Why I didn't buy a 3Ds
Personally I don't really play much video games as I used to when I was a kid. I think some of you may relate when I say that the cool thing about nintendo games is playing with friends. I remember staying over a whole weekend at my bf house and just trading Pokemon and completing challenges on who could evolve a cubone faster and then when we got bored we started playing with Pokemon toys and then checking on Pokemon stadium they're'e evolution level and so on. To be honest neither on Red or Silver did I ever even finish the game because we where to completely immersed on being part of the universe. You connected the game with the movie, later with the toy and other accessories, so you where literally buying years of entertainment out of 1 game. I think thats why nintendo resonates with kids, unlike when you grow up you never really create as much connections as deep of a immersion with these games, you become more analytical and less immersive and loose the whole magic of it at least in my case.

I considered buying a 3Ds as much people probably did because of Pokemon X,Y. In a world where you can buy a x brand tablet for 200$ and get a ridiculous amount of use out of it ,when you compare it to a handheld gaming system costing the same it just seems stupid. So the XL was out, naturally I then though about the regular 3Ds but reading a lot of reviews saying it had a bunch of issues and practically stating it was inferior to the XL (and not only a smaller version) it was out.

3. Why I bought a 2Ds (including nostalgic reasons)

So I'll make this plain and simple just like the 2Ds.
The 2Ds It is a non frills simple minded, functionally minimalistic and austere version of the 3Ds.
i think there is two types of clients for this system, little kids or the straight to the point casual gamer

1. Little Kids
  • doesn't break as easily ( not flip flop)
  • easier to hold
  • cheaper
2. Straight to the point casual gamer
Buying a 2Ds is like buying one of those wall-mart sold electric guitars ( i don't know if they even sell them). You just wanna plug it in and play, and pay as less as possible. The only thing you really care about is that it works, its not hideous but probably not sleek looking either, it has probably some screechy noises of crappy manufacturing but if you're not like a hardcore guitar player you won't care.

The 2Ds has a really old school approach to it. Its one piece so its like a gameboy, I get that it has portability issues, it won't fit on you're pocket but you know who cares just have it on a backpack. Mono audio ( one speaker only) couldn't care less it's not like you have high definition super stereo sound on the 3Ds, if you had a game boy and liked it you won't care either. No 3D, I don't think it makes much of a difference, you will probably just get over it anyway. It's a Dead simple 3Ds.

So in conclusion if you're a little kid, or are just a casual "just plug and play" gamer I think its a better option than a 3Ds.

I love it.
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