March 23rd 2010 4:01 am


by timchoi89

I'm moving to Australia in a month, what can I do to make the move easier for my tech?
Like what the title says, I'm moving to Australia for work in July and I have a bunch of tech (mostly game related) that I'm worried will become useless in Australia.
If I get an NTSC to PAL converter for my PS2 and Dreamcast (I still have a couple games I gotta finish), will I be sacrificing picture quality?
  • Since the PS3 and Xbox 360 both use HDMI, can I use it on a PAL TV or will I have to get a monitor with HDMI ports?
  • If I get on PSN or Xbox Live from Australia will it automatically switch to...
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    by kris

    What happened to CTR 002–008?
    Last night Nintendo officially announced their add-on pad for the 3DS, which adds an extra circle pad to the unit, identical to the one that already exists on the left side. It also has R1 and R2 buttons.
    Looking at the actual product announcement, you can see what the product code for the slide pad is "CTR-009". A quick... Read more →

    by MasterSystem

    The 3DS is getting a price drop to $169.99! Does this change your mind?
    details For anyone who adopted the system early, Nintendo is giving them 20 free Virtual Console games. The Nintendo 3DS has only been out for 6 months. Those 6 months have not been kind to the little handheld as sales of the 3DS have not been nearly as successful as Nintendo had hoped (certainly not as close as the original DS). The price drop comes on the heels of countless 3DS game cancellations such as Mega Man Legends 3,... Read more →

    by evoxdc

    Anyone having hardware issues with their 3DS system?
    Just sent my Cosmo Black unit back to Nintendo for a free repair. Apparently Street Fighter on this portable may have been little too much for it physically, because while playing I heard something pop while trying to perform the Shoryuken motion. The Analog stick pretty much froze in position after that. I managed to free the stick but afterwards it felt like it couldn't in 1/4 cardinal directions which would vary from moment to moment. I should add that it was a few days after the 30 day... Read more →