March 23rd 2010 4:01 am


by soren121

If you ask me, this thing is ugly.
Personally, I would have kept the LED lights where they were, moved the 3D slider to the side, and kept the insides entirely black, with color accents on the button text and such. Also, move the back cameras and the top screen a little higher up; that bothers me for some reason. If Nintendo at least fixes the colors, I'll buy one. What about you guys?

by kris

How long before anyone actually makes good use of the 3D? Can anyone make good use of the 3D?
When the DS originally came out, most of the games barely made use of the DS's new features, reducing them to a novelty: you would use the stylus to move your character or highlight parts of the screen, but for the most part, it wasn't anything that couldn't have been done with the d-pad. And it was rare to see a game that used any of the other new features. After a few years we started getting games that really started making use of all the features: blowing into the mic,... Read more →

by deinfinityx

(Ninetndo 3DS), So here is an interesting thought.
I remember reading, and I think it was on here about first party launches for the 3DS and how Pokemon(major console seller) wasn't going to be a launch title. Well it was annouced a little bit ago that Pokemon Black and White is coming out this year(for Japan) and early next year for the US. Now I know Ninetndo's strategy on the 3DS is odd but it is possible and rumored that the 3DS will launch this year. Now this is a long shot but the timing is very interesting considering Pokemon is... Read more →

by AndrewL9008

Capacitive displays on the 3DS
Anybody think we'll see capacitive screens on this? It would obviously make sense given all the phones that have moved to that technology and the finger friendly goodness it would bring. That resistive panel on the current gen DS's is seeming so outdated at this point. I'm not so sure Nintendo would automatically go for this though.. they like cheap, and capacitive is certainly more expensive. Also many games have very small elements on-screen that need to be tapped, so a stylus... Read more →

by ryan

This makes perfect sense
After all, the last time Nintendo made a 3D portable gaming system it went off like gangbusters and made them eleventy zillion dollars: Seriously though, I'm very curious to see what the deal is with the 3DS. As some of you may know, I'm highly skeptical of 3D (in its current forms, anyway), and so far I've yet to see any implementations able to make me shake the feeling that it's just a new dressing for an old fad.