March 23rd 2010 4:01 am

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  • Game library Out of almost 20 launch games, only 2 were good (SFIV, and Shadow Wars), and 1 was okay (Pilotwings, which would be great except it lacks any depth). awful!
  • Graphics The 3D is unbelievable. I'm reviewing this like 2 months after it was released and I still remember how in shock I was after trying it the first time. good
  • Battery life Nintendo should have done 1 of 2 things. Give us long battery life, or give us user replaceable batteries like the psp. they didn't do either. poor
  • Portability (size / weight) It's the exact same size and maybe a bit heavier than the DS lite. Not by much though. great!
  • Durability It's nintendo. They have always put out hardware you feel you can lend to a 5 year old and get back in one piece. great!
Detailed review
It's a system with an insane amount of potential. The problem is that there isn't a software library to back it up. Nintendo should have waited until E3 to release the system because it seems half baked. The launch titles were the worst i've seen in a system launch and out of almost 20 titles, only 3 were good. And only Street Fighter IV was worth 40 dollars. Since launch, only a few craptacular games have trickled out. It is a software drought that will hopefully be over soon. The Augmented Reality is something that I hope software companies embrace. The Graphics look good. The 3d is the more impressive than anything, but the regular graphics look like the PSP graphics in recent games like God of War, so for 1st gen titles, I'd say they did ok. Next the battery. It sucks. It lasts like 2 hours maybe and that isn't long enough for most plane rides. The psp didn't have great battery either, but I was able to buy an extra battery to help this problem. Nintendo's battery isn't designed to be user replaceable. I know Nyko has a replacement battery that extends battery, but it makes the system larger. That won't work for me. As for hardware, it is pretty much the same as a ds lite. The stylus is on top next to the cartridge slot which is very inconvenient, but that may be my only gripe. It is a good looking system. And we get an analog stick too! Overall, I say it is worth 250 dollars...when more games come out. Wait at least until Zelda launches. I wish I would have.