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  • Game library Incredible library of games, and it's even backwards compatible . great!
  • Graphics The graphics are really disappointing. The resolution of the 5-inch screen is 240*400, which is ridiculous. poor
  • Battery life Pretty good for a portable console. If you turn the 3D off and lower the brightness, you can easily get 6 hours out of this thing. good
  • Portability (size / weight) It's kind of heavy to me, and it's not very comfortable to hold. so-so
  • Durability The overall durability seems decent, but the buttons, especially start select home buttons, feel cheap and fragile. so-so
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3DS is a system with extremely poor hardware in my opinion. The build quality is not great, the buttons are mushy, the analog stick sucks, the hinge feels fragile, and for god sake, why does Nintendo still use a resistive touch screen??? And the screen quality is on par with 10-year-old cell phones, and the graphics is no where near what smartphones these days are capable of.
HOWEVER, the greatest thing about the 3DS is its games. And they are so great that they make the system with poor hardware worth buying.
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