June 30th 2009 9:57 pm

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  • Game library The DS may have a lot of shovelware but it also has many fantastic games from every major publisher and that's on top of the wonderful Game Boy Advance library. great!
  • Graphics The DS has graphics which are better then the N64. Which given the size of the system and the battery life is impressive. good
  • Battery life I am always impressed by how long it last. I don't think that it has ever died on me. I can always find an outlet first even if it takes a week. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) I've never had a problem fitting this in a pocket or playing while laying in bed. Nor finding space for it in my often crowded backpacks over the years. great!
  • Durability I've bounced this system off the pavement and then picked it up and kept playing. great!
Detailed review
The DS light is the standard by which I judge all other mobile electronics and to this day I have found none better.

The software is bare bones. But considering when it was released that is understandable. But coming from a first gen Game Boy Advanced was like night and day. I have spent more time in Pictochat then I would have ever guessed and played many grade A titles.

The hardware is lovely with the glossy black shell and innovative dual screen arrangement. It has never looked outdated or out of place even when sitting next to a brand new 3DS.

Indeed I love this system so much that if my current one ever breaks it I am committed to replacing it immediately.