June 23rd 2009 1:34 pm

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timchoi89 timchoi89

I remember getting the GBA the weekend before its official release at Toys R' Us back in 2001. From that moment on I loved the little handheld because it was so full of original titles and great games. The Game Boy Advance was the first of the Game Boy line to deviate from the traditional...

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hagridore hagridore

Nice library of games (maybe too many classic ports.) No backlight (of course) but the screen works well in sunlight. Can't say that for DS or PSP.

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aidancheddar aidancheddar

The GBA has been around since I first had it back in the early 00s, continues to work to this day, and hasn't left my side. These days, the only problem I have is the lack of a backlit screen. The game library, like it's successor, is vast.

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