July 2nd 2009 1:51 pm


by coologuy1957

Absolutely Love It!
Is there anyone out there who owns this or had one that absolutely loved it and misses it? What are the best games for it? I look for one to get one eBay all the time, but, as the poster before mentioned, its hard to find a complete one with all the accessories and thats not broken in some way. I think as a novelty at least it would be fun to play!

by Vaughanabe13

Caution when buying from eBay
If you are going to buy one of these from someone on eBay make sure you get the proper info from them first or you may end up disappointed! The motors that are used to move the mirrors burn out easily, and since there are more moving parts than the average game console there is a lot of potential for things to break. Also keep in mind that each eye is separate so if one of them is not working properly you will NOT see the 3d effect. You will also want to find an auction that has the eye... Read more →