June 21st 2009 8:40 pm

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I understand the argument that the Wii compared to the 360 and PS3 is underpowered, but like the Mac vs. PC wars of the the late 90's and early 2000's, it really comes down to what do you need it for. Graphically, I don't feel I'm being let down compared to the others. I've played the other systems on HD TVs and yes they look gorgeous. The high end graphics work really well with the FPS that have swamped those systems. For me, I lost interest in that genre ten years ago. I guess they are a "young man's game". Plus, when the FPS turned to "historical" and modern warfare (WWI to modern day), I completely lost interest. Then again, I grew up on Doom, Unreal, and Marathon.

I feel the controllers are more than just a novelty when done right. The uniqueness of of them offers more flexibility than the standard 8 to 10 button dual joystick model that's been around for over 10 years.

What is comes down to is: "Is the game fun?" Compelling stories, gameplay and humor are what I care about. The Zelda and Metroid series have always done that. There are Wiiware games that I have enjoyed that have elements of the story, gameplay and entertainment that make an enjoyable experience. Lit, the Strongbad series, Lost Winds, to name a few have all kept my interest. It all comes down to what do you enjoy. To be able to play with young children and introduce them to the joy of gaming and also play sports, FPS, horror titles with my friends is the flexibility I want.

A few things I feel Nintendo needs to look at to continue doing well.

1. Opera browser needs to be updated. Using a keyboard is great, but FLASH needs to be upgraded. Even Youtube, which worked very well on the Wii, is getting more difficult to find new videos due to their server upgrades. I like being able to casually net surf on the TV. With updated flash, things would be better.

2. DVD/CD channel - Homebrew has solved this, but there shouldn't be a need. The system is capable of doing this. Even if it was just an option to buy, it would be great. Take a note from Microsoft, Nintendo. The 360 is great for home entertainment. If I was a college kid and had limited space, I would buy a 360 for all my entertainment needs.

3. Streaming video channel - See #2. Netflicks, hulu, or anything other streaming company...That's the future...not blueray IMHO

4. Better chat. Both voice or typing. Not everyone is going to buy Wii Chat. Let everyone be able to communicate. Little pop up to know other friends are on would be great. Why call or text a friend if you want to play multiplayer? Very last gen.

5. Release the Wavebird - A great wireless for the Gamecube. I still have some Cube games I'd like to play and I feel silly that I have to sit up close with the wired cube controller. I'd buy at least two.

I've enjoyed the Wii for the past two years and can't wait to see what else is in store. I'll always be a 1 system per generation person, and I can say I've been very content with what Nintendo has offered.