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Even with almost 100 million units sold. Nintendo realized there were still some people out there without a Wii, and who weren't going to pick up the Wii U. So they came up with the Wii mini, a pared-down version of the Wii at an attractive price point of $99. But very little was spared in the effort to build this system as cheaply as possible, with no backwards compatibility, no SD card slot, no component 480p video, and worst of all, no online connectivity at all. As Eurogamer points out, "aside from killing off access to retro games, downloadable titles and DLC, this also means that online gaming is off the table too, not to mention video streaming." show more

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Engadget Dec 6, 2012

Would we buy the Wii Mini if it weren't in the name of research? As a main console, definitely not. If some Wiis are relegated to the closet in between friend visits, the Mini's chances of coming out to play are that much smaller.

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Joystiq Jan 14, 2013

It differs only from the original hardware in that it's cheaper-looking and does less. That's not really worth the savings or the zany Canada road trip.

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CNET Nov 25, 2013

The bare-bones Wii Mini gets rid of many Wii features to just focus on playing disc games, but the stripped-down experience isn't worth the savings.

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Eurogamer Dec 12, 2012

The sad reality is that the Wii Mini disappoints on almost every level. It's not a good-looking piece of kit at all, functionality has been stripped down to the absolute bare-bones, and perhaps worst of all ... is the fact that it's not actually that much smaller than the original model.

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TrustedReviews Dec 23, 2012

Time will tell if Nintendo decides to release this crippled system outside of North America, but even if it does, we suggest you give it a wide berth and focus your attention either on the original model or, if your pockets are bursting with cash, the brand-new Wii U.

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Nintendo Life Dec 12, 2012

For casual players who simply want to play all the popular titles, this $99 package makes a little more sense. Even so, you have to ask yourself if it's not a better idea to simply pick up a Mark 1 Wii on the cheap.

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edex67 edex67

A ridiculous redesign from Nintendo that has no advantages over buying a normal Wii new, refurbished or used. Do not buy unless you're a Nintendo collector, and then just keep it sealed and play on an actual Wii.

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rosagee92 rosagee92

I really like the Wii Mini, however, I was a bit annoyed that it has no internet access because I wouldn't be able to play certain aspects of a game that uses internet. But at the same time it's not like I really like to play games online like that. It works just like the original Wii just...

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Link4479 Link4479

I just recently bought the Wii mini, and due to only having little over $100 to spend on the system and games for it I think its a good bargain. Personally, I prefer buying a system new due to the fact that used systems aren't always reliable. My current PS2 was used, and there are certain movies...

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