November 27th 2012 8:09 am


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by jkhawk

Wii Mini could negatively impact Wii U
Last week Nintendo announced that the Wii Mini will soon be released in America. I don't see the point. Especially if they are already behind in sales based on their goals for the Wii U. While their two competitors are moving forward with new hardware for this holiday season, they're going backwards -literally to the previous gen. How about some more energy and hype into all of the promise and potential that the U could offer? As it is, last I heard, EA and 2K both have no current intentions on...

by kris

Did Nintendo go in the wrong direction with the Wii mini?
In December Nintendo released the Wii mini, a pared-down version of the Wii. It retails for $99 CDN, just below that $100 threshold that turns it from a purchase you might have to think about into an impulse (just as $0.99 is a sweet spot for song and game downloads). Unfortunately, to get that price point, they eliminated a lot of features. GameCube backwards compatibility was removed, but it had been missing since the 2011 redesign, which also took out the controller ports. Only composite... Read more →

by kris

Who would want a Wii mini?
Best Buy's Canadian site "leaked" the Wii mini today, though pre-orders are set to begin later today so it can't be that major of a leak, just a few hours at most. At first glance this Wii redesign seems pretty attractive, with a smaller footprint, top-loading disc tray, and of course, a much more attractive price: $99.99.
But then you get into the internals, and things are a lot less attractive. No backwards compatibility isn't much of a surprise, given that last year's slight redesign removed... Read more →