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Most of the attention has been on the revolutionary Wii U GamePad, even though a good number of the launch titles have been A-list games that have appeared on other systems first, necessitating a more traditional control scheme. In fact, the Pro Controller resembles the standard Xbox 360 controller, though as Mashable noted, "Why reinvent the wheel here?" However, they and other reviewers were turned off by the "same glossy plastic as the other Wii and Wii U peripherals," with Kotaku calling it "cheap" and Engadget saying it "sadly features the same glossy plastic and cheap buttons we've already complained about." However, when actually playing Mashable found the triggers "responsive and placed correctly" and they "never felt like I was fighting against the controller." Engadget agreed, as "it rumbles as you'd expect and functions admirably in time-sensitive situations." Mashable advised that "the Pro Controller is worth picking up with the console if you’re planning a holiday purchase."

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Engadget Nov 18, 2012

The Pro Controller is a Nintendo-crafted hybrid of the PlayStation 3's DualShock and the Xbox 360's controller. It's got a good heft, but isn't too heavy, and sadly features the same glossy plastic and cheap buttons we've already complained about.

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Gizmodo Nov 18, 2012

The Pro Controller—Nintendo's version of the now-standard PlayStation and Xboxian gamepads—is a fine controller, and actually pretty comfortable.

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Mashable Oct 19, 2012

I would say the Pro Controller is worth picking up with the console if you’re planning a holiday purchase.

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Kotaku Sep 20, 2012

It hardly feels like a Nintendo-made, prime controller for the Wii U. The buttons are not clicky, but mushy, and the whole affair feels, well, uninspired. It's not a premium product. They can call it the pro controller, but it feels amateurish to me.

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poki poki

Good build quality and buttons and sticks just as precise as you came to expect from Nintendo. Battery life also is great - you probably won't have a problem playing The Wind Waker HD 100% without charging it a single time. Not so good? The finish magnetically attracts dust and fingerprints and...

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johnythepeanut johnythepeanut

The Pro Controller hardware is absolutely great. Very ergonomic, responsive and it holds for ages (well ok, hours, but many of them! Officially, 80hrs). Yeah it lacks analog sticks on the back, but as I am not a racing gamer, I don't really care about this. So everything great, yeah?...

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vnangia vnangia

The Wii U Pro controller feels very familiar to anyone who has ever held the post-Duke Xbox or Xbox 360 controller, or even the Wii Classic Controller Pro - with one major issue: the sticks sit above the buttons. Moving your thumb up, like you would on any other controller - including, by the...

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