March 3rd 2014 1:34 pm


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by dave

Can a Chromebook replace your everyday laptop?
When Google first unveiled their lineup of Chromebooks at Google I/O in 2011, they promised a ultraportable computer with robust battery life, instant-on access, and even things like 3G connectivity so you could get your Internet on the go. They were basically a netbook in disguise, but cheaper... and potentially less functional. (Ah, netbooks. Remember those?)
Three years later, Google is still pushing... Read more →

by dave

Coding / writing on a Chromebook while offline?
Samsung's Chromebook 2 became available for pre-order yesterday. At $399, it's not as cheap as previous offerings, but it packs a bit more power than earlier models (for what it's worth, I always found my o.g. Samsung Chromebook to be a bit pokey).
Anyway, a conversation I saw on Twitter earlier today got me wondering about its feasibility for doing work that involves either coding or writing.
What sorts of... Read more →