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Samsung's most beautiful phone yet


As beautiful as the Galaxy Alpha may be, its price leads to its ultimate downfall. The only reason you'd want to pick this over the Galaxy S5, which is available for a similar price, is that you prefer a smaller size or more solid build. But even then, this design isn't a one-and-done; you'll be able to get the same fit and finish on the Note 4 and Note Edge (albeit with larger screens). Furthermore, it's not the best sub-5-inch Android device on the market, thanks to the Sony Z3 Compact, which comes with better battery life, camera and external storage.

More important is what this new design direction means to Samsung's future. Even though the aluminum build isn't perfect, Samsung's latest smartphones are the best-looking handsets the manufacturer has produced in years. For a company suffering from slowing sales and looking for new ways to compete with the iPhone, devices like the Alpha are essential. This makes it all the more unfortunate that the fantastic design is one of few things that helps it stand out from the crowd. On the upside, though, this is just the beginning; more good-looking Samsung phones are on the way.

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Engadget Oct 6, 2014

The Alpha is Samsung's first phone with a metal frame, and it's the most aesthetically pleasing Galaxy phone we've ever seen. Unfortunately, it's priced at a premium and doesn't have the same set of features that you can get on the Galaxy S5 for the same price.

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CNET Sep 12, 2014

Its processor and camera perform brilliantly, while its compact 4.7-inch size makes it very comfortable to hold and use in one hand. Its low-resolution display is a big letdown, though, especially when you consider the high price of the phone, which does take the shine off an otherwise brilliant...

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The Guardian Sep 11, 2014

The Alpha is the best smaller smartphone Samsung has ever made and a solid competitor to the upcoming iPhone 6, which has the same size screen, similar weight and thickness.

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Pocket-Lint Sep 12, 2014

Overall the Galaxy Alpha is an attractive smartphone that's powerful enough to handle anything you care to throw at it.

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TrustedReviews Sep 17, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a beautiful-looking phone, it's just a shame it misses out on some of the S5's most impressive features.

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Android Police Sep 26, 2014

You could still justify getting this phone over the GS5, but only if you want to stick stubbornly to that 4.7-inch form factor and the attractiveness of a phone is high on your list of priorities.

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Stuff Sep 12, 2014

Ultimately, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a neat experiment in Samsung’s phone designs that tells us a lot about the way its mobiles are probably headed. Less plastic that’s meant to look like metal and more of the real stuff is a good thing.

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