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Criteria Comments Rating
  • Reception and call quality No comments so-so
  • Display No comments great!
  • Battery life No comments great!
  • Camera No comments great!
  • Ease of use No comments good
  • Design and form factor No comments great!
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments so-so
  • Media support No comments great!
  • Durability No comments good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) No comments great!
Detailed review
I have owned this crazy big phone for just over a month. It's an amazing phablet. I got this to replace my phone and tablet. I have noticed that I don't even use my tablet anymore. The specs on the galaxy mega are so so. But it does not disappoint you. It does fit in my pocket , but don't think you will take this to the gym or on a jog. I have At&t , so service sucks on the phone. I heard that T-Mobile is way better service. I'm sure the At&t model will be much better service. I look forward to that day. I had the note 2 and tried to go back to it. But it is way to small.