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  • Features The S-pen is the key. It works and is well supported. This it how a device should be. great!
  • Display I thought my Digital SLR takes crappy pictures until I copied them (even the low res ones) to this device to view. Crisp, vivid colours, fantastic contrast. great!
  • Battery life I could attend a whole day conference, taking notes and pictures and keep the Wifi on for emails and browsing still have about 40% battery power left at night. great!
  • Ease of use Its Android. With highly configurable options comes a learning curve . I prefer it that way in any case . good
  • Storage capacity When will it ever be enough? good
  • Design and form factor It just works for me great!
  • Portability (size / weight) I can't wait for the day when these devices are feather light. good
  • Durability Not sure how to measure this. great!
Detailed review
For the first time having a tablet makes sense. This is day 10 for me into having this device and its a sheer pleasure. The S-pen and its support is the key. No longer do I need my little notebook close by to scribble ideas and make sketches. Using the Note feels exactly the same and is as easy and also much better. With the s-search function also able to search your handwritten notes , no longer are those little gems lost or useless if you don't know where you put them. And attending a conference? I could take pictures of presenters in s-note and scribble notes on images of slides. There is nothing that comes short.