August 6th 2014 8:16 am

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by bd45

which phone should I go to?
I was using an LG G3 and for really poor reasons I switched back to an iphone 6. Well this iphone 6 is just too small when it comes to screen size and I feel like it is killing my eyes. I am between the Note 4 or just getting an S6. I would sacrifice upgradable storage and a removable battery but I didn't use a spare battery with my G3 or an upgraded SD card.
I am between the S6 and the Note 4 and really can't decide which will be better.
I use my phone primarily for IG, FB and reading reddit and...

by o1dm0n

Carrier IQ on the Note4
Just an FYI - The AT&T and Verizon version of this device contain Carrier IQ. They also have locked bootloaders so that are unlikely to be cracked. I have one from AT&T and I'd advise against this device on this carrier. Buy a TMO version and move it over to AT&T of you really want one. They don't install Carrier IQ on theirs and the bootloader is unlockable on their version.

by Ritx88

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Bronze/Gold
Can any one on engadget tell me when Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Bronze/Gold color releases? I have tweeted, posted on Samsung's official pages and done everything I could just to find out an answer to a simple question but I still don't have an answer. If any one here has any idea regarding this or have a valid information please do let me know. Any information will be highly appreciated.
Thank You In Advance

by DGNY93

Which phone should I get, and should I wait?
It's time for me to upgrade my cellphone and I've been doing me research on which phone I should get or even if I should even get one. I've been using the iPhone 5 since it came out and had a go with the OnePlus One over the summer and loved the phone, only problem with that was that the battery does not come out. Now I have ordered the iPhone 6 Plus, and questioning if I should even get it. What phones are out there that people would suggest, or is there something coming out that would be...

by frankspin

How often do you upgrade your phone?
We're getting a lot of exciting phone announcements over the last week.
IFA gave us the following:
  • Galaxy Note Edge
  • Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  • LG G3 Stylus
  • Sony Xperia Z3
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Compact
That same week Motorola also showcased the following:
  • Moto X
  • Moto G
And tomorrow is Apple's big day where we'll likely be seeing a new iPhone (or two).
The thing is, even with all this exciting new stuff I don't have any urge to upgrade. I bought my iPhone 5S on release day and a... Read more →

by kris

IFA 2014: All the product announcements that are fit to print
It's that time of year again -- the Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, aka "IFA", is taking place in Germany, and we've got a team on the ground bringing you all the latest from companies like Samsung, Sony and Nokia. A big show like this means a lot of new products to check out, and we've been doing our best to keep on top of all the announcements.
Some highlights:
Phones... Read more →